competence center

competence center

3d Metal Printing Competence Center

Our challenge lies in finding new solutions together with you. Solutions which combine conventional approaches with the new world of selective laser melting. Solutions which combine the following advantages:

  • our know-how in the area of prototype production and short runs in highest quality
  • precise finishing and refining
  • newest approaches in design and construction

Solutions which start with consulting and an open mind to new ideas.

Goals, Ideas …

There is only one way to benefit from a new manufacturing process: you have to bring out the best of it. This may seem obvious. But there are some lessons we learned during the last years: each process has advantages but also limitations. And only the ones who know both of them will benefit. 3d metal printing is said to be expensive.
But if you are able to add for example cooling channels in areas impossible until now, the higher costs may be counterbalanced.

To be considered during consulting:

  • Materials (Scalmalloy®, Aluminium, Titan …)
  • Construction
  • Topology
  • Weight
  • Stability (Simulation)
  • Finishing/refinement
  • Costs

Austrias most advanced 3D Metall Printer

Big space for installation, 4-way Laser (4 x 700 Watt): these are the key facts for austrias most advanced 3D Metall Printer located in our company. Highly efficient and precise: combined with our other machinery we will find the best way for your challenge.