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Your individual 3D metal printing workshop

Construction. Design. Optimization. Print. Finishing. Asembling.

Generative manufacturing, selective laser melting or colloquially 3D printing metal: the process of manufacturing parts in metal places a number of demands on design, engineering and production.

We have been dealing with 3D metal printing for more than 5 years. Today we have a comprehensive machine park and knowledge from a large number of projects. We want to share our knowledge with you! If you are thinking about whether and in what form 3D metal printing can be beneficial for you: start with our individual workshop. The topics are tailored to your requirements. The goal is to provide you with a solid basis for your decision. But also increase your knowledge and understanding of the new technology.

Examples of topics for your workshop:

  • The manufacturing technology 3D metal printing at a glance
  • Examples of suitable projects
  • Your examples in 3D metal printing
  • Design and construction
  • Simulation and optimization
  • Materials: properties and differences
  • 3D metal printing live: print parts from your projects
  • 3D scan: comparison of design and result
  • Further processing of 3D metal printing parts
  • Finishing & Assembling

The next steps to your individual 3D metal printing workshop?

Simply fill out the form or contact us personally right away. We will discuss all the details with you. As the 3D metal printing workshop is customized to your requirements, we will make a proposal regarding duration, scope and cost.

We protect your data and use it only to respond to your request. Your request is of course non-binding.

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